Conference Breakout Sessions

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Fixed / Infrastructure Support and Management TRACK

Fixed Is Here To Stay – With mobile and cloud hogging the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that good old fashioned fixed-line communications still represent the lion’s share of your IT expense budget. Fortunately, there are ways in which organizations can optimize usage, control costs and ensure they are doing all they can to maximize their fixed investment.

Not All Inventory Creation Methods Are Created Equal – According to AOTMP, organizations with an accurate telecom inventory were able to generate 300% more in contract negotiation savings compared to those without an inventory. Inventory accuracy is of the utmost importance; but in addition to accuracy, what level of inventory detail does your business need to maximize its benefits? There is a myriad of differing levels of inventory management with differences in how the inventory is built, validated, and maintained.  This session will delve into these different levels and their associated benefits, potential areas for errors, and examples of which are best suited unique organizations.  A client case study will also be presented.

SD-WAN: Whats all the Buzz about? – You’ve heard all the hype around SD-WAN but don’t yet understand how it could play a role for your business?  Join us as we investigate the benefits and challenges associated with adoption.  We’ll also provide an overview of the provider offerings and share with you how we see other enterprise clients including SD-WAN in their plans.

Roundtable : SLAs and Stewardship for Fixed Line Services – No doubt you are frustrated by the inerior protection offered by standard SLAs offered by the providers.  And custom SLAs are difficult to attain and even more difficult to track and enforce. Join us for a discussion regarding the current state of SLAs in the fixed services industry and we will share best practices as well as how our clients are leveraging stewardship agreements to shore up the deficiencies in their SLA agreements.


Sourcing, Benchmarking and Vendor Management TRACK

The Deal Never Ends – By utilizing disruptive technologies, companies can push the limits of mobility, transforming how they manage telecom and mobile expenses in order to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives that help grow their businesses. By employing this strategic approach to technology, Liberty Mutual was able to leverage expense data to gain valuable insights, giving its business a competitive edge that helped it reduce expenses and capital investment, boost operational efficiency and increase overall productivity. Attendees also will learn how to create meaningful RFX (Request for Information, Proposal, Quote and Bid) opportunities with internal teams, manage suppliers, and control internal and external environments.

Sourcing World Class Mobile Contracts – There has been unprecedented change in way enterprises consume and purchase mobility.   Has your enterprise been keeping up?   This session will highlight the industry changes in plan structures, roaming, subsidization models, and other current trends.   You will learn how to effectively incorporate these changes into your carrier contracts to reduce cost and improve your terms and conditions.

Best Practices in Fixed Contract Negotiations – It’s not just mobility that’s changing FAST these days; there are a lot of trends impacting traditional fixed line networks as well, particularly when it comes to pricing. The truth is, you can take advantage of the carriers’ declining revenue streams and fierce competition–if you know how the providers are charging and how flexible they’ll be in negotiations. This session will cover ways to maximize your advantage during your next sourcing engagement.  Attendees will walk away with valuable information on how Tier 1 providers are reacting to mergers with Tier 2 players and what to expect from both in a negotiation, the best areas of opportunity for in-year savings, and the top five terms and conditions to focus on to avoid risk.

Managing and Optimizing Expenses

Audits: It’s Not Just About the Low Hanging Fruit– Automated audits, historical audits, eyeballed audits, what you actually audit can vary. There are a lot of different audits that can present savings opportunities.  This session will provide an overview of the solutions available, the opportunities they can drive, and the level of effort required to guarantee success. The session will also include client case study will discuss their unique approach to performing the audit.

The Consumption Conundrum Enterprises are having to weed through a consumption conundrum. Technological and commercial advances are making technology increasingly accessible on-demand, multiplying the various usage types the business needs to measure. By 2020, ~55% of all global data consumption will be from streaming video alone. Combine this with the 10X+ rise of global data consumption by 2020, and the enterprise has a formidable set of usage-related questions to tackle. In this session, we’ll talk about the different types of usage and the best methods for optimal usage consumption and measurement.

Optimizing and Managing Bill Payment – Cash management and real-time control of accounts payable is vital. Bill payment is a neglected area. Find out how management payment works and how organizations use it to improve cash flow management and avoid hidden costs from inefficiencies in carrier virtual lock boxes and payment processing systems.


Industry Updates and Trends TRACK

IT Trends and the Impact on Fixed Line  –  With all the focus on mobile and cloud services it feels like fixed line services are an afterthought at best.  But with continued industry consolidation and the challenges that network transformations present, it is more important than ever to remain focused on preserving leverage while maintaining flexibility.  Join us to learn about the top industry trends and discover how employing best practices will position you to remain competitive. Recent developments in SD-WAN and Century Link/Level 3 will definitely be on the agenda making this an information packed session!

A Guide to Navigating Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Downsizing? – Organizations growing, downsizing, opening, or closing multiple facilities or locations, or ones that have been involved in mergers and/or acquisitions risk losing track of significant funds and potential savings opportunities.  This session will provide attendees will a checklist of things to be aware of and prepared for in order to quickly uncover redundancies, align disjointed strategies and optimize service agreements.

Rules, Regs and Requirements….Emerging Issues – Yes, your TEM program is global, but you still need to understand and comply with local regulations.  Whether your concern is with making sure your business is SOX compliant or ensuring invoices from your global carrier can make it across country borders, understanding compliance, VAT taxes and hosting regulations is critical to ensuring your organization is protected.  Is Safe Harbor still a strong enough safeguard? How does Brexit effect your telecom strategy?  All of these pressing topics will be discussed.

Mobile Industry Trends and Drivers Update – There’s no doubt that smart devices continue to shape enterprise communication at a staggering pace. This session will take a look at the current state of the device market and offer exclusive insights on where the market may go in 2017 and beyond. Topics covered range from 5G to new trends in mobile management.

What does the FCC look like under the Trump Cabinet? – In a short two years, the FCC has passed new regulations to protect Net Neutrality by banning “slow lanes” on the internet, created new rules to protect internet subscriber privacy, and imposed record fines against companies like AT&T and Comcast. This session will discuss the future of Net Neutrality and the incoming administration and the appointment of Commissioner Ajit Pai.  Predicting telecom policies under the new administration is sure to be an interesting and tricky endeavor that you won’t want to miss!

Enterprise Lifecycle Mobility TRACK

How Mobile Asset Management Leads to Better Mobile Expense Management – Would you pay the mortgage on your house without monitoring all the different aspects of running and maintaining it?  It doesn’t make sense from either a practical or financial perspective – yet many organizations are doing just this with their mobile fleet. Improve your mobile expense management results with an efficient asset management strategy.

Are you prepared for an un-subsidized mobile fleet? – All of the major mobile carriers have done away with subsidies on mobile devices to consumers.  Do you have a strategy for when those phones, which previously came at a discount, need replacement or upgrade?  Are you confident that you end-users will be up and running on their devices within 24 hrs? This session will help you build out a Mobile Management strategy to ensure you are prepared for this new environment.

Mobile Innovation: How Best-in-Class Organizations Are Embracing Mobility – It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  This session will provide you with real life case studies of best-in-class organizations leveraging tactical mobile management activities to achieve and maintain maximum efficiencies.

The Cost of Not Acting – To provide device sourcing and support, mobile services, accessories, and apps, businesses must handle a wide variety of financial, technical, and logistical challenges. In each of these areas, there is a definable cost of Not Acting for Managed Mobility Services. This session will cover both the hard and soft dollar opportunity costs across an organization mobile strategy.

Is BYOD a Strategy? – “Yes, I have a mobile strategy – I allow my team to use their own mobile devices to tie into their email.  It’s the cheapest and easiest way to enable my teams.”  This session will highlight an easier and cheaper way to enabling your workforce.

EMM Solution Pitfalls Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) functionality continues to grow, yet most organizations are only using 10% of its full functionality.  Complex mobile environments combined with over-promises from solution vendors make most EMM deployments lackluster at best.  Does your organization have full visibility into its mobile use cases, the applications and devices that must be supported, the EMM functions required, and a grasp of which vendor is best suited to your needs?  If not – then this session is for you.

Elevating Optimization Practices – How does an enterprise ensure that they have the correct devices, carriers, and plans? What’s the best approach to right size your environment? This session focuses on key considerations when optimizing your infrastructure and the unlimited potential when you start thinking outside the box.

Driving and Supporting Network & Digital Transformation TRACK

The True Cost of Cloud Licenses – Corporations put considerable effort into managing mobile devices with rate plans that cost roughly $80 per device. Cloud application licenses, of which many employees have a dozen or more, can range from $30 to $180 or more. How are you managing your end-user cloud licenses and what do they really cost you? This session will illustrate best practice approaches to license and capacity management and highlight the importance of knowing what cloud services your business is using, who is using what services, and what can happen when the business lacks visibility into cloud license use. Learn about what those services are costing from a financial and risk perspective.

Implementing Cloud into your IT Strategy  – Many organizations experience the eternal struggle of developing and finding solutions to meet the stringent requirements for going to market, meeting productivity goals, and controlling costs. Through optimized, efficient use of cloud technology, your enterprise can greatly enhance the customer and employee experience throughout the many facets of your business. Join the discussion on how organizations across varied industries and geographies are turning to cloud computing for cost-effective, innovative, and secure solutions to diverse business challenges.


You Asked For It, You Got It TRACK

Extend the value of your telecom expense management to broader IT spend – Enterprises have started the quest to expand the value of their telecom expense management solutions to support additional IT expenditures like cloud and legacy IT. We will discuss areas of savings opportunity, improved reporting, and other benefits companies are finding as they apply telecom expense management principles to their broader IT spend.

Reporting in Your Platform: Best Practices, Discussion and Q&A – Generating actionable reports and information on your assets and services represent a critical component of effective telecom management.  Join Tangoe University Content Experts as they provide you with the best reporting feedback from the Tangoe University Sessions. This discussion will include overall best practices on getting the most out of the reports and real world scenarios by platform using your current reporting functionality.

The Matrix Migration – What are the benefits of upgrading to the Matrix?  This session will focus on differences between clients’ current solutions and the Matrix. It will also present Tangoe’s approach to Migration and an update on the early adopter program.

Connecting & Collaborating: Idea Exchange TRACK

Idea Exchange: Leveraging Data – Using data analytics to provide additional value to the business. Discuss what the future will hold. How can we internally monetize our own data? If we had the right tools we could add additional data to the data analytics from Tangoe and synthesize it through analytics tools that are coming to the market or through the Matrix to provide additional value in the business. How to leverage the right date to perform better budgeting forecasting, predictive analyses.

Idea Exchange: Communicating Your Value –  How do you secure executive sponsorship, demonstrate the value of your program, and put it on the road to success? This session features practical tips on how to “position” the program internally, how to create an elevator pitch that defines what you want to do, how it will work, what it will cost, the benefits and ROI.

Idea Exchange: Managing SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS Expenses – Meet with your peers for a round table discussion around how cloud is being used within your business and how your business is managing the expenses associated with cloud use.