Conference Breakout Sessions

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Best Practices Track

The competitive advantage of a well-armed workforce can be quickly eroded by process inefficiencies, antiquated practices and out of control costs. The first step in sustaining a competitive advantage is to achieve best-in-class management status. To do that you need to understand where you are today and plan for where you need to be in the long term. It’s time to reduce operational risks and refine your overall management practices. Attendees will walk away with key strategies to improve the overall management and value of your TEM project.

Integration Ecosystem Roundtable – While Tangoe strives to maintain a solid and adaptable foundation allowing our clients’ technology experience to evolve and grow, we need your help to do it! Comprehensive, fluid integration of essential data systems to help protect current and future technology investments, increase operational efficiency, and improve visibility are critical in today’s environment.    The Tangoe platform has been designed with powerful, adaptive, and flexible Integration capabilities that enhance and enrich existing and future data while providing a way to view and analyze it more efficiently. Tangoe will continue to search for complementary solutions to expand our ecosystem so please join us for a roundtable discussion and let your integrations needs be heard!

Q&A Session: Rules, Regs and Requirements….Emerging Issues – Yes, your TEM program is global, but you still need to understand and comply with local regulations.  Data protection and privacy legislation is undergoing its most significant evolution; compliance with SOX and taxes regulations remain critical to ensuring your organization is protected.  Have you considered how the landmark General Data Protection Regulation will impact the way you use your employee data, suppliers and IT globally?  How does the replacement of Safe Harbor by Privacy Shield impact your business? How does Brexit effect your telecom strategy?  How can we ensure we are complying with payment regulations? This session creates a Q&A forum to discuss these, and related, compliance topics.

Budgeting and Forecast for Technology trends – Forewarned is forearmed, especially when it comes to trying to predict what your fixed and mobile telecom expenses will be next year. This session will focus on how you can leverage usage and consumption trends to create accurate budgets, and will also include information on changes in rate plans and expectations for the coming year. Get a head start on your budgeting and find out what you can expect to see relative to mobile and fixed expenses in the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

Idea Exchange: Leveraging Data – Learn how Oracle and Tangoe are able to strategically partner to build an enterprise data management and analytics solution.  If you have wondered what tools you can leverage to add value to Tangoe supplied data, and how you can synthesize and integrate that data with your own internal data sources, this is the session for you.  Dialogue will focus on how to provide additional value to your business, how to expand the scope of analytic capabilities from tactical to strategic and how to elevate budgeting, forecasting, big data, and predictive analytics practices. This session was designed to focus on lessons learned and provide insight, as well as to discuss the future of data analytics and business intelligence.


Inventory Management Track

This track was designed to cover inventory management practices ranging from a solid and accurate inventory foundation to procurement, provisioning, ongoing management and tracking to disposal of your IT services and assets. Tangoe will facilitate a discussion of the varying levels of inventory establishment, implementation and ongoing management. Attendees will also walk away with a better understanding of how you can improve end user experiences while also protecting your assets.

Enterprise Inventory and Asset Management – A Solid Foundation is the Key! – Learn why a solid inventory foundation is a necessity and how to ensure the greatest ROI is obtained when it comes to your inventory of all your telecom assets and services.  Contemplating any Digital Transformation project that may impact your Network? Performing any migrations of core applications to the Cloud or transformation of the Network to newer technology? Considering a technology change or refresh? Have you acquired other companies or sold or divested business units or subsidiaries? Learn why it is imperative to have Verified Inventory service performed.

The Importance of Change Management when it comes to Inventory Asset Management – Given the constant change in both your fixed and mobility environments, maintaining database integrity can be challenging. Learn how to overcome those challenges.

Get a Grip On Global Centralized Inventory Management – Large, geographically diverse organizations maintain a large inventory of telecom assets – which is why telecom inventory asset tracking is vital to the financial health of a large MNC. Managing your telecom assets is a very complex business and without the proper process in place, it can all fall apart. This session will discuss the benefits of centralized global inventory management and how to expand your programs globally. We will cover centralized views into your environment, centralized developed and enforced policies, and how to gain buy in from each region.

Expense Management Track

When it comes to managing your expenses to maintain control, it still comes down to the age old struggle of understanding what you own, why you own it, and who is accountable for it. This is further complicated as shadow IT becomes a bigger concern and consumption based services continue to grow. This track was developed for attendees who are feeling the pressure of the current economic climate and have been forced to squeeze every dime out of their revenue stream and decrease organizational expenses. Tangoe and leading fellow subject matter experts will share best practices and insider tips to expose frequently overlooked expenses, leaks and potential bill shock threats.

Turn Back Time with Audits and Optimizations – You May Have Forgotten – Audit and Optimization of Telecom Expenses is Still Essential – Audit and optimization of telecom expenses is essential to the identification and recovery of billing errors and opportunities to optimize costs. A team approach, highly refined procedures, and automation are require to secure optimal results. If audit and optimization seem like a non-issue it’s because the people behind the scenes are doing their jobs. If you’re not saving then maybe they’re not. Refocus on the importance of audit and optimization and the impact overlooking this key area can have on your business.

Fixed Optimization, The Often Forgotten Gem – While MPLS networks may still be required where bandwidth and service levels are critical, organizations looking to better optimize their costs may want to embrace SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN). Is your business able to identify those opportunities? Whether it’s SIP Trunking, SD-WAN migrations, or other new technologies the key is that mobile optimizations often take center stage it’s often forgotten that new technologies are available to optimize your fixed voice and data. Fixed voice and data optimizations are there… business need to partner with someone that can identify migration opportunities that fit your business and lead to significant cost savings.

Usage Management Track

The Usage Management track was designed to provide you with visibility and control over how assets and services are being used through a combination of real-time and historical usage tracking as well as corporate compliance and security policy enforcement. While attendees may think of usage in terms of mobility, this track will push outside of the box to cover both Mobile and Fixed usage. Attendees will walk away with key techniques to reduce usage costs and risks while increasing corporate governance.

The Convergence of Usage Management and IoT – The IoT market is estimated to be $1.8T by 2026, and it is already affecting your role whether you are aware of it or not.  Don’t be blindsided, and be sure to understand just how all these new devices relate to total enterprise usage management.

The Skinny on SD-WAN – You’ve heard about, you’ve googled it, and your peers claim to be using it. SD-WAN offers promises of increased bandwidth, centralized management, in-depth analytics, and highly secured access to the network no matter where you are doing business. An SD-WAN solution can be a big help but not all companies’ SD-WAN offerings are the same. This session will help you truly understand whether it is right for your organization and how it might help reduce data consumption across your enterprise.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with colleagues and partners from around the world! By sharing insights and perspectives with a group of your peers from other regions, you can stay abreast of industry trends and combat complacency.

Platform Meet-up Breakfast – Tangoe is excited to announce the addition of a Platform Meet-up Breakfast to our Tangoe LIVE Agenda. The first official day of the conference will kick off with a networking breakfast where you can connect directly with fellow users on your specific platform. End-users unite! Meet up with colleagues on your platform to learn tips, tricks and use cases. Network with, learn from, and bond with the community of like-minded professionals in your platform’s ecosystem. You will also be introduced to the Tangoe solution experts who know the latest and greatest tools/modules/technologies that Tangoe has to offer. Create these relationships from the start and spend the rest of the conference experiencing it with your newfound colleagues! Groups will include both internal Tangoe solutions as well as complementary integrated solutions such as ServiceNow and MobileIron.

Industry Networking Lunch – In a world of increasing market fluctuations and globalization, companies of all sizes need to stay abreast of new developments, shared challenges and potential for innovation beyond their current infrastructure. Now more than ever, managers need to be aware of the dangers of dependence on stagnant practices and philosophies. While trade associations may be considered the best-known venue for interaction among companies in the same industry, an industry peer network with all participants leveraging Tangoe solutions will be an invaluable experience. Tangoe is excited to provide an atmosphere of significant intimacy and trust, to exchange information and discuss matters of clients’ performance and best practices.

This luncheon provides an opportunity to make valuable connections with industry professionals and peers. Sit with other organizations who share the challenges that you do. By sharing insights and perspectives with a group of your peers from other regions, you can stay abreast of industry trends and combat complacency. This is the perfect opportunity for our clients to exchange best practices and expand their network. Join us and learn vicariously from the experiences of your fellow peers while addressing deep-rooted problems and strategizing areas for improvement!


Platform Training Track

It’s a whole new Tangoe, and a whole new learning culture. This year at Tangoe LIVE, for the first time ever, we are offering hands-on application training to every attendee! Tangoe has been busy releasing updates and adding new features to our product suite. We want to make sure each attendee knows how to leverage them.  We will then build on those skills and make you more efficient in the use of the information you have at your fingertips and expand platform usage.

We are excited to introduce Training courses by Product.  It’s time to refine your skills and increase your knowledge base required to properly manage your Tangoe platform.  Whether you are just getting started or a master, we are offering both an extensive introductory course for beginners and a more advanced course for more seasoned end users looking to enhance their experience and push out of their comfort zone.

  • The Basic Level Learning courses will include areas focused on functionality, reporting and invoice processing.
  • The Intermediate Level Learning courses will include areas focused on workflows, audit and provisioning all focused on improved process automation.

Reasons for Attending the Platform Training Track Sessions:

Come. Meet us. We think you’ll like our new face

  • Sharpen your Saw
  • See a new Perspective
  • Experience others Best Practices
  • Break out of your Comfort Zone
  • Try a new feature in a demo environment

Our platform and training experts will be with you throughout the conference, not just for a day. We’ll talk with you on your terms; in the classroom, or one on one. We’re putting YOU first.